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Confined Space Entry

Learn about the WCB Occupational Health and Safety requirements as they relate to confined spaces.  This course provides instruction on the importance of and the procedures to be followed for: air contaminants; entry permits; ventilation and the role of the standby person. 

Duration:        Half day

Confined Space Entry – Gas Detection

This in depth course offers information concerning gas detection equipment.   Topics covered include:  How to calibrate and bump test.  What gases to test for in specific confined spaces and how to use your company’s specific gas testing equipment.  How to enter the testing information onto a Gas Testing Log or Entry Log will also be included.

Duration:        Half day

Working at Heights

Do you know all the steps to keep you safe when you are working at heights?  Learn the WCB regulations associated with fall protection.  Fall protection hierarchy and controls.  How roof anchors work, how to tie down, choosing the right tool for the job - ladders vs. scaffolds.  What is a Fall Protection Plan and what has to be included to meet the WCB’s OHS Regulation?  All these questions will be answered in this half day course. 

Duration:        Half day

Fall Protection Equipment

What are anchors, carabineers and lifelines?  This course will cover different types of fall protection equipment and their uses.  Examples of fall protection equipment will be shown and discussed during the session.

Duration:        Half day

H&S for Property & Facility Management

Do you understand the requirements for due diligence and the WCB regulations as they relate to property management?  This course is tailored for property and facility managers and will explain their roles and responsibilities in regards to health and safety.

Duration:         Half day