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Workplace Inspections (Hygiene Issues)

Safety Protects You Now; Occupational Hygiene Protects Your Future.  This course will you to the health and safety issues and hazards present in the workplace.  Learn how to spot the different hazards in your workplace including: chemical; physical; ergonomic and biological hazards and what can be done to prevent or decrease exposure. 

Duration:        Half day

H&S Committee Training – Part I

So, you are a member of your company’s health and safety committee.  Now what?  What is the role of a safety committee and what is your responsibility now you are a member?  How do you conduct meetings, workplace inspections or accident investigations effectively?  Learn how to identify, develop and maintain a health and safety program in your workplace. 

Duration:        1 day

H&S Committee Training – Part II

This practical workshop includes holding a mock health and safety committee meeting.  Emphasis will be placed on how to address health and safety issues effectively. 

Duration:        1 day

Job Hazard Analysis

Do you want to decrease workplace injuries and have a safer, more productive work force?  Need to write work procedures but don’t know where to start?  Job hazard analysis is defined as the relationship between the worker, task, tools and the work environment.  Learn how to conduct a job hazard analysis by looking at accident rates, conducting a preliminary workplace review; listing, ranking and setting priorities for hazardous jobs and outlining the steps or tasks involved in the work.  An overview of control measures will be presented.

Duration:        1 day

H&S Program Review

Did you know that once you have implemented a health and safety program that it has to be reviewed regularly and amended as required?  This session will cover the required components of an H&S program and how to review and improve it. 

Duration:        1 day

Accident Investigation

Do you know what has to be done following a workplace accident?  Accident investigations identify why accidents occurred so that similar accidents can be prevented in the future.  This course will provide instruction and education of the techniques used to perform effective accident investigations. 

Duration:        1 day