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Air sampling and testing

  • Air and bulk dust sampling for a local cement manufacturer.

  • Air sampling for asbestos, total particulate and respirable silica during asbestos cement pipes.  Air sampling was requested in order to measure applicable exposure levels using wet cutting procedures and/or to confirm exposures when using current cutting methods on cement pipe.

  • Personal and area air sampling for isocyanates during polyurethane coating application.

Worker exposure assessments

  • Hygiene assessment at a BC Pulp Mill which included air sampling, noise monitoring and a risk assessment of the emergency washing facilities.

  • Occupational hygiene assessment of foundry.  Parameters investigated included: total & respirable particulate; crystalline silica (quartz); metals; carbon monoxide; phenol; formaldehyde; benzene; MDI (isocyanate) and noise.

  • Working with a local steel and wire manufacturer.  Completed occupational hygiene walk-through surveys, several projects relating to plant exposures and occupational hygiene related program component development (e.g. respiratory protection equipment program).

Indoor environmental quality diagnostics (including IAQ)

  • Conduct a review of building mechanical systems and monitoring of a municipal police station in the Lower Mainland for various indoor air quality parameters over a 5 week period.

  • Conduct bulk sampling for mould in an apartment complex for large property management company.

  • Indoor air quality assessment for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, chlorine, temperature and relative humidity for a municipal pool.

  • Conduct air sampling within a tunnel in Vancouver for the movie industry.  Sampling for mold and testing for carbon monoxide, lower explosive limit, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, temperature and relative humidity.

  • Conducting air sampling for chloramines at indoor pools.

Confined space program assessment and development

  • Identified confined spaces and conducted hazard assessments of each space for a local manufacturing facility.  Developed a confined space program including forms, training requirements and draft procedures for future space entries.

  • Developing confined space entry program for a large transportation company.

  • Preparing confined space hazard assessments for a large Pulp and Paper Mill.


  • Reviewed the layout of a booth at a sawmill and provided recommendations to decrease neck, shoulder and arm fatigue.

  • Ergonomic assessment of a mail transport trolley in order to design an ergonomically correct trolley. 

Noise and hearing programs

  • Completion of worker noise exposures for all ground crews, baggage handling and related jobs for a national airline.

  • Area noise measurements at a manufacturing company.

Personal protective equipment selection and programs

  • Prior to filming a large dust storm for a motion picture the production company hired Salus Services to conduct testing and determine proper cast and crew respiratory protective requirements.  

Heat stress

  • Heat stress monitoring at a foundry.